Founded in 1980 and celebrating 40 years as a trusted partner, OT Global Protection provides fully Integrated global supply chain solutions. Our customer base is comprised of fortune corporations, government, SME and SMB organizations. We have a worldwide footprint in over 100 countries and growing.

We provide access to FDA certified and CE certified PPE

Our employees supervise worldwide manufacturing facilities, in shipping channels and distribution centers, and provide in-person hands on facilitation.

We oversee products from point of manufacture to delivery to the customer, unlike the fragmented supply chains that have consistently failed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our horizontally integrated supply chain has proven to be resilient and effective throughout the challenging times in supporting the global needs of our customer.

The OT Global Protection team provides extreme oversight with our manufacturing partners. We ensure all of our facilities adhere to strict compliance with FDA and EU standards. Our highly trained inspection teams certify the authenticity and quality of all products.

OT Global Protection also provides expertise in:

  • Business Continuity

  • Procurement

  • Logistics

  • Services Hub

  • Warehousing

OT Global Protection Workflow

Checks and Controls at Every Step of the Process


Products Ordered

Strategic Sourcing
• Quality, • Capacity,
• Experience, • Value

• Products inspected and approved by Quality Engineers


• Testing results compared
• FDA and CE Certifications are verified

Strategic HUBS

• Products transported via select shipping and freight carriers

Order Fulfilled & Customer Receives Proof of Delivery

Order Fulfilled & Customer Receives Proof of Delivery